What do I do if your site is down?

Please clear your cache and try again. It's likely that there was a temporary issue with your connection and you should be able to try again without any issue. Still having trouble? If you're still h…

Updated 3 years ago

How do I contact customer support?

Have a question? The fastest way to get an answer to your question is to look for it in our search tool that you can find at the top of this screen. Still c an’t find the answer? If you're still havi…

Updated 2 years ago

How To Clear My Shopping Cart?

To clear your cart or remove an item from your cart on you can simply hit the "Remove" button alongside the product you would like to remove. Circled in red below is where this "…

Updated 5 months ago

My product arrived damaged, what do I do?

Don't worry we will get you out a replacement product ASAP. Please contact us with your order number, lot number on the bottom of the tub, a photo of the damage, and the best address for a reship. To…

Updated 3 years ago

Do you have phone support?

We do not currently offer phone support, but are more than happy to solve any customer problems swiftly and fully over email. Please send us an email through our contact form. You can find this form…

Updated 2 years ago

I ordered my product on Amazon but your website is cheaper, can you refund me the difference?

Amazon is on a different system than our site so we are not able to issue refunds for a difference of price in products.

Updated 3 years ago