Perfect Keto Keto Bars

​What makes Keto Bars better than other bars?

Clean Ingredients Our bar is free of dairy, gluten, sugar, corn, soy, peanuts, and sugar alcohols. 10g of grass-fed collagen protein for muscle repair. 19g of healthy, clean fats to keep you in ketos…

Updated 3 years ago

Can I find Keto Bars in any stores?

For now, we are only selling our bars through our site. Feel free to order a pack here.

Updated 3 years ago

Can I buy a single keto bar?

We are currently only selling our bars in a box of 12 bars per box. As of right now, we only offer single variety boxes with a mixed variety offering coming soon!

Updated 3 years ago

What if my Keto Bars arrive melted?

Even with our storage and shipping improvements, sometimes our bars arrive a little oily. This is perfectly normal and does not impact the quality of the bars. Our Keto Bars are made with the highest…

Updated 3 years ago

When do Keto Bars expire?

Our industry leading Keto Bars have a "best by" date of 12 months from when they were produced. This gives you plenty of time to consume our Keto Bars as the perfect snack between meals, pre workout,…

Updated 3 years ago