Keto Krill

Keto Krill Oil: How much Iodine is present?

We do not do formal testing to check levels of Iodine in our Krill Oil. Iodine may be present in trace amounts in our Krill Oil but it is not intentionally added to our Krill Oil and we have not form…

Updated 10 months ago

Why should I take Krill Oil on a Keto Diet?

Omega-3 fats play a part in your whole body health. They help develop the cell membranes that are responsible for protecting the cells in your body. They also play a big role in your heart, blood ves…

Updated 10 months ago

How much EPA and DHA is in one serving of Krill Oil?

Our product contains 350mg of Krill oil per capsule extracted from Antarctic Krill. Each capsule contains 52mg of EPA, 24mg of DHA, 650mg MCT Oil, and 29 mcg astaxanthin. We take pride in our clean i…

Updated 10 months ago

What is Perfect Keto's Krill Oil?

Keto Krill is our fish oil supplement designed to help you reach your optimal levels of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids without needing to worry about low-quality fillers, preservatives, or heavy met…

Updated 10 months ago