Perfect Keto MCT Softgels

How do I best use MCT Oil Softgels?

We recommend taking 3 softgels at least once daily and increase consumption up to 3 times a day depending on your diet. If you follow a ketogenic diet, you can bump up your consumption to easily intr…

Updated 1 year ago

What are the benefits of MCT Oil Softgels?

Enjoy the benefits of MCTs without the powder or oils. This is great for travel or for a convenient way to consume extra MCTs throughout your day. MCTs can improve cognitive performance, boost blood…

Updated 1 year ago

Can I take MCT Oil Softgels on an empty stomach?

Yes, our Perfect Keto MCT Softgels can be taken on an empty stomach. However if you have never taken MCTs of any kind before we would suggest increasing your serving size over time to allow your dige…

Updated 11 months ago