What can I eat at a restaurant on Keto?

Eating out on a Ketogenic Diet is very doable at almost all restaurants. Do your research before you pick a restaurant and check out the menu to ensure you can find something that is Keto friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask your server questions about added sugars, the oils being used to cook your food, the oils used to make the dressings and sauces, and if they use thickening agents. Ask to substitute the carb for additional vegetables or a side salad.  Here is a list of great options to order:


  • Omelette with vegetables and sausage/bacon
  • Eggs, Bacon, Avocado (hold the potatoes and toast)
  • Unwich sandwich (lettuce wrapped sandwich)
  • Burger no bun
  • Any protein (steak, fish, chicken, etc) and a double side of vegetables
  • Cobb Salad
  • Caesar Salad, no croutons
  • Kebabs
  • Tom Kha Soup
  • Burrito bowl no rice, beans, extra guacamole
  • Sashimi  

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